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Carpet cleaning should be a pleasant experience, otherwise you will postpone having it done longer than you should. Or even worse, have the carpet removed rather than suffer the experience of carpet cleaning again. It is clear by the amount of hardwood replacing carpet that carpet cleaning services need to re-think their practices from the customers point of view.

What can we do to make your carpet cleaning experience a pleasant one, and save your carpet from such a sad demise. Unconventional thinking produces unconventional solutions, Naturell is the product of such thinking, and here are the solutions we offer:

Convenience of time: Appointments are set at exact times rather than windows, and we are seldom late. Our method allows us to complete the work in less time , and the carpet to dry in about 30 minutes. The preparation you need to do is minimal, don't bother moving the furniture or vacuuming, just pick up the messes.

Green: Not green washing, we have developed and patented our own 100% organic cleaning solution made of bio-catalysts rather than detergent. Our unconventional cleaning solution makes it possible to use an unconventional method which is far greener than the old way of carpet cleaning.

Service: Carpet cleaning is a service and at the heart of service is people. Our business is not just carpet cleaning, it is serving people in a manner no less than we would expect when we are customers of a service. Naturell is a family business.

Price: The concept of maximizing the per job average has turned carpet cleaners in to salesman and shysters. Prices are not real and a bargain can quickly become a soaking in more ways than one. We have clear and simple pricing, we have no extra charges or surprises. We do not try to sell extra products or services. The price you see on our site is the actual price you can expect.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency has recognized us with a SDSI champion award. We are very honored by this, Champion is the highest level of recognition offered under SDSI.

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Naturell 299 Old County Rd Ste 3 San Carlos, CA 94070

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Office hours are from 9:00 - 5:00 Monday through Saturday.

Appointments are available Monday - Saturday.

We accept: Cash, Check, and Credit Card.

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