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Naturell Oriental Rug Cleaning

Your Valuable rugs need to be treated with care because they are usually made of natural fibers such as wool and cotton. Cleaning with detergent, water, and a scrub brush (the conventional method) can cause shrinkage, mildew, dye transfer, and fraying.

We have been cleaning rugs since 1994. We use our own patented organic product and method. Our product is made using only organic and natural food grade ingredients, No man-made chemicals. And our method is dry in comparison to the conventional method. First we use a high frequency vibration machine to shake out all the loose dirt and dust (about 3000 cycles per minute). Than we use our organic product and method to clean the rug.

To make our organic product we start with extracts (not oils) from plants. Next we let nature convert these extracts into bio-catalysts, in the same way grapes are converted into wine. The finished product is safe enough to drink but not very tasty. In the ten years spent on research and development of our product, special care was taken to assure that the bio-catalysts being produced were well suited to the job of cleaning. It is very efficient at dissolving oils, dirt, and stains from wool, cotton, silk, and synthetic fibers. It is also exceptionally good at removing odors. No fragrances are added, our cleaning solution has no smell. Because our cleaning product is not a detergent, it doesn't leave a sticky residue. You will find that your rugs feel softer and stay clean longer; also the colors will be brighter because there is no detergent residue dampening them.

We can clean your Oriental rug, Turkish rug, Persian rug, Afghan rug, moroccan rug, wool rug, silk rug, and braided rug. We also clean synthetic rugs. We will pickup your rugs and deliver them back to you at no extra charge. We like to have a week between pickup and delivery to clean the rugs. We will schedule exact times for pickup and delivery rather than giving you a window, and we are very seldom late. Are you moving to a new home? We can pickup your rugs before you move and deliver them to your new home saving you the trouble of moving them yourself. This service is at no extra charge.

Our price is $3 per square foot. We do not have any extra charges, so for instance if your rug has pet stains and smells, there will be no extra charge. Our product is exceptionally good at removing odors without perfume. We also offer in place cleaning as a less expensive alternative. What this means is we can clean the rugs where they are, even on hardwood floors without a problem. The in place cleaning is good for tracked on or spilled on spots. The charge is $30 per rug with a $75 minimum.

We are licensed, bonded, insured, experienced, and we are an Angie's List super service award winner for the past seven years.

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Naturell 299 Old County Rd Ste 3 San Carlos, CA 94070

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